Dr. and Mrs. G. C. Morlan Endowed Scholarship Fund

Professor Grover C. Morlan taught Bible and history and coached athletics. He was a native of Iowa, but after joining the faculty of Abilene Christian he made his career in Abilene, Texas, until his retirement. A quiet, soft-spoken man, he was amazingly energetic and innovative. He began teaching education when that course was added to the curriculum in 1918. Four years later he organized a psychology department and became head of the combined Division of Education and Psychology. In that same year he took charge of extension work. In 1934, he became director of summer school. He organized the A Club – the men’s honor organization – and was its sponsor for many years. Along the way he earned a doctor of philosophy from the University of Iowa. Mrs. G.C. Morlan, sponsor to the girls of Cadettes, a social club, adopted as a project the preparation of a service flag, six feet wide and eight and a half feet long. On a background of white, bordered by red, a blue star was mounted for every student and ex-student who was involved in the military service during World War II. Mrs. Morlan prepared the flag. The Cadettes affixed the stars. Each name was given a number, and with that number, the star for that individual could be located on the flag. When word of the death of a person in service came to the registrar’s office, that information was passed on the Cadettes, and a gold star replaced that particular blue star.